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The Baltimore Sun

A bank controlled by the government of Japan has promised $5 billion in financing for a proposal that would connect Washington D.C. and Baltimore via maglev, high-speed rail.
Sep 5, 2014   The Baltimore Sun
A new study of Montgomery residents attempts to answer the question, "Is suburbia harmful to your health?"
Nov 27, 2005   The Baltimore Sun
While Transportation Engineers often work with the premise that the client is the car, in Baltimore County, MD a consultant group has recommended letting the single lane rural roads meander.
Nov 22, 2005   The Baltimore Sun
As Americans are forced to spend more time commuting, the question must be asked 'what have highways done to improve quality of life?'
Oct 6, 2005   The Baltimore Sun
The Chesapeake region's largest remaining wetlands face twin threats of suburban sprawl and rising sea levels.
Oct 5, 2005   The Baltimore Sun
Unless we make a rapid switch to clean, renewable energy, other cities will face the dangers that submerged New Orleans, says Mike Tidwell.
Sep 16, 2005   The Baltimore Sun
Officials in Howard County are struggling between builders and affordable housing advocates in the struggle to provide housing that the middle-class can afford.
Aug 30, 2005   The Baltimore Sun
The Baltimore Sun profiles William Mackey Jr., former planning director for the City of South Miami and the new project manager for the U.S. 40 project in Maryland, who used the opportunity to return to his planning roots.
Aug 25, 2005   The Baltimore Sun
Baltimoreans United in Leadership Development is calling on city leaders to pass a $50 million bond to help raze abandoned buildings, and rebuild on the property.
Jul 14, 2005   The Baltimore Sun
A judge orders the Carroll County Planning and Zoning Commission to approve 254 townhouses or face jail.
Jul 11, 2005   The Baltimore Sun
The Gallup Organization has been hired to poll 4,000 residents from 20 U.S. cities to determine resident satisfaction. Richard Florida is one of the poll's designers.
Jul 5, 2005   The Baltimore Sun