The Baltimore Sun

Gov. Larry Hogan spent the week pitching a $152 million improvement project for a highway located at the north end of the state. The announcement comes less than a year after Gov. Hogan killed a light rail plan.
Jan 16, 2016   The Baltimore Sun
Light rail and subway lines are spawning a series of new developments.
Jan 17, 2006   The Baltimore Sun
What would you do if your rent went from $595 per month to $200,000 to buy?
Jan 17, 2006   The Baltimore Sun
State and federal highway officials agree on a final plan to build a $2.4 billion highway through Washington's suburbs.
Jan 6, 2006   The Baltimore Sun
Charles Carroll descendants' may allow development of their Doughoregan estate. (Carroll is the only Roman Catholic signer of the Declaration of Independence.)
Jan 6, 2006   The Baltimore Sun
The dramatic increase in homeowners' associations has some worrying about the implications for local governance.
Dec 27, 2005   The Baltimore Sun
As the number of people in Homeowner Associations has exploded from 2 million nationwide in 1970 to more than 54 million now, disputes become more expensive, and more frequent.
Dec 26, 2005   The Baltimore Sun
A new study of Montgomery residents attempts to answer the question, "Is suburbia harmful to your health?"
Nov 27, 2005   The Baltimore Sun
While Transportation Engineers often work with the premise that the client is the car, in Baltimore County, MD a consultant group has recommended letting the single lane rural roads meander.
Nov 22, 2005   The Baltimore Sun
As Americans are forced to spend more time commuting, the question must be asked 'what have highways done to improve quality of life?'
Oct 6, 2005   The Baltimore Sun
The Chesapeake region's largest remaining wetlands face twin threats of suburban sprawl and rising sea levels.
Oct 5, 2005   The Baltimore Sun