A new report highlights the threat posed to a wide range of species by the extraction of fossil fuels in the United States.
Jan 22, 2012   CommonDreams
Searching for a sense of community, sharing, and a connection with humanity? Move to a small town.
Jan 13, 2006   CommonDreams
The City of New Orleans has started bulldozing buildings in the Lower 9th Ward -- many still containing unidentified remains -- without informing homeowners.
Jan 7, 2006   CommonDreams
As residents are allowed back in to their flood-damaged neighborhoods, the world is beginning to learn the extent of the devastation in New Orleans' Lower 9th Ward.
Dec 8, 2005   CommonDreams
David W. Orr. believes that the Bush administration is about to self-destruct, and with it, its approach to science, environment, climate change and energy; it's time to start planning for what will replace it.
Nov 3, 2005   CommonDreams
A new report by the United Nations Human Settlements Programme warns that unless governments around the world take action the world faces a massive urban crisis as housing shortages could lead to mega-slums.
Sep 14, 2005   CommonDreams