A new report highlights the threat posed to a wide range of species by the extraction of fossil fuels in the United States.
Jan 22, 2012   CommonDreams
As rioting spreads across England, journalist Laurie Penny argues that structural inequalities have been ignored for so long that Britain's disenfranchised youth feel they have no stake in society.
Aug 9, 2011   CommonDreams
With the U.S. government urging a 50-mile evacuation zone around the Fukushima plant, Karl Grossman contemplates what a comparable emergency would mean for the Indian Point nuclear plant in New York state.
Apr 5, 2011   CommonDreams
On abandoned lots and in backyards across the country, urban land is being turned over to agriculture as a means of improving food security.
Aug 12, 2009   CommonDreams
A new report on how cities criminalize the practices used by homeless people to get by on a daily basis names Los Angeles as the country's "meanest city" for its "Safer City Initiative."
Jul 16, 2009   CommonDreams
Paul Loeb and Deron Lovaas, Federal Transportation Policy Director for the Natural Resource Defense Council, pan the "American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009" Bill for failing to adequately fund rail and road repairs.
Jan 21, 2009   CommonDreams
If we're looking for a way to kick-start a green economy, we could do worse than investing in American-made, high-efficiency furnaces, argues Paul Loeb.
Jan 15, 2009   CommonDreams
Now that General Motors is facing financial ruin and seeking a federal bailout, Harvey Wasserman argues that before it receives any help, GM must redress its participation in the conspiracy to destroy America's mass transit system.
Nov 17, 2008   CommonDreams
<p>A visit to Toronto -- Canada's largest city -- reveals what urban life can and should be, writes Olga Bonfiglio.</p>
Jan 5, 2008   CommonDreams
With its neighborhoods filled with vacant buildings, its water utility leaking 85 million gallons a day, and no real federal assistance in evidence, some feel that New Orleans has been "gutted."
Jul 27, 2006   CommonDreams
The Common Dreams website's quick visual reference guide to levee construction around the world -- and how woefully inadequate American levees were in New Orleans.
Jan 14, 2006   CommonDreams