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The Miami Herald

As Miami considers using taxes to fund yet another stadium project, analysis indicates the hundreds of millions in public subsidies used for the construction of the city's new baseball stadium will end up costing taxpayers more than $2 billion.
Jan 25, 2013   The Miami Herald
Officials in Miami are looking to cancel out part of a contract with architect Frank Gehry for a park element to the new campus he's designed for the city's New World Symphony. The city wants to find a cheaper alternative, but critics are opposed.
Mar 31, 2009   The Miami Herald
Wannado City in Sawgrass Mills, FL, is a model city in a warehouse that gives kids a chance to play at having jobs. Broward County Transit has chipped in a mini bus, which drives around the city introducing kids to public transit.
Jan 25, 2009   The Miami Herald
This article from the <em>Miami Herald</em> looks at the annual art fair Art Basel and how it transforms the city -- temporarily and permanently.
Dec 7, 2008   The Miami Herald
The developer of a nine block mega-project may pursue casino gambling as an added component to what promises to transform a derelict portion of downtown Miami.
Sep 29, 2008   The Miami Herald
Despite it's inherent legality, lit signage atop a high-rise condominium in downtown Miami is causing many a neighbor to complain.
Aug 29, 2008   The Miami Herald
<p>Miami's Coconut Grove waterfront neighborhood may receive a makeover if city commissioners approve a new master plan. However, one questions remains: who is going to fund it?</p>
Jul 25, 2008   The Miami Herald
<p>A young Florida man apparently infatuated with public transit has managed -- on multiple occasions -- to steal buses and drive their routes picking up passengers.</p>
Jul 18, 2008   The Miami Herald
<p>Gentrification along Grand Avenue, the heart of Coconut's Grove Black and Bahamian community, has many residents fearing displacement and pushing for affordable housing inclusion.</p>
Jun 26, 2008   The Miami Herald
<p>While mega-condo developments are enlivening districts in and around Miami's urban core, a long moribund downtown business district struggles to keep up. Many hope that small improvements will make a big difference in the area's quest for vitality.</p>
Jun 2, 2008   The Miami Herald
<p>Rising gasoline prices are breathing new life into the Miami's niche jitney service.</p>
May 20, 2008   The Miami Herald