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Good news for the United States is found in a recent series of maps by NASA. Air pollution has significantly improved around the country.
Yesterday   The Washington Post
Large housing developments popping up in Washington D.C. are gaining praise from the city's leadership for reinvigorating a once desolate area. But the developments are also garnering criticism for failing to weave residents in with the city.
Sep 6, 2006   The Washington Post
The suburbs outside Washington D.C. are the richest in the nation -- in part due to the growth in federal spending since 9/11.
Sep 1, 2006   The Washington Post
Booming real estate values in Washington, DC are squeezing out the auto repair shops and salvage yards.
Sep 1, 2006   The Washington Post
A recent article in the Washington Post calls for drastic action from local communities and politicians in Washington to address the growing lack of affordable housing.
Aug 28, 2006   The Washington Post
Gasoline beat out other alternatives in the 1920's as the energy source for new autos.
Aug 25, 2006   The Washington Post
The Hollywood actor lends his celebrity status to promote sustainable architecture.
Aug 20, 2006   The Washington Post
State and local officials worry US Army plans to relocate 22,000 employees to Fort Belvoir may cause severe traffic problems.
Aug 2, 2006   The Washington Post
Maryland Governor Robert Ehrlich may be trying to sabotage a controversial proposed transit line in suburban Maryland to hide the fact there may not be any money left for it, according to the former chair of the Metro Advisory Board.
Jul 17, 2006   The Washington Post
Robert Samuelson questions whether we can conserve our way out of global warming.
Jul 8, 2006   The Washington Post
Vacation travel for the Washington area is expected to surpass last year's forcast.
Jul 3, 2006   The Washington Post