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It wouldn't exactly mean cats and dogs living together, but what if technological innovations could make cars safer for pedestrians and bikers?
Feb 19, 2015   The Washington Post
The number of people living in dense, large buildings in the edge-city of Tysons Corner in Fairfax County, Virginia, will apparently be less than developers planned for.
Feb 9, 2006   The Washington Post
After decades of decrepit school conditions, activists respond to new, multi-million dollar baseball stadium funding to ask: if baseball gets millions, why can't schools? The measure could lead to $1 billion over 10 years.
Feb 7, 2006   The Washington Post
Researchers around the world debate when it will be too late to reverse the impact of global warming.
Feb 2, 2006   The Washington Post
John Schindel lives in Stafford County, Virginia, a far-out exurb of Washington, D.C. Because of previous legal problems, he has no driving privileges. How does he get to and from his varied places of employment?
Jan 31, 2006   The Washington Post
Despite early promises to support a swift recovery after Hurricane Katrina, slow Federal cleanup of debris and inadequate provision of suitable housing for evacuees are slowing rebuilding efforts.
Jan 30, 2006   The Washington Post
Local police departments are increasingly relying on federally-funded surveillance camera networks to pick up where local citizens and underfunded police left off -- keeping their 'eyes on the street'.
Jan 23, 2006   The Washington Post
Timothy M. Kaine will addresses the politically touchy issues, calling for more control of development as a means of reducing congestion.
Jan 17, 2006   The Washington Post
Harold Meyerson argues that thanks to Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, transportation and land use in the City of Angels now focuses on the public sector, not the private realm, as the Mayor takes on a strong central identity heretofore lacking.
Jan 17, 2006   The Washington Post
A new state bill, opposed by the governor, will apply only to the corporate giant.
Jan 16, 2006   The Washington Post
Even before approval of an official ban, nearly 200 bars and restaurants have prohibited smoking on their own.
Jan 10, 2006   The Washington Post