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The Washington Post provides all the details, renderings, history, commentary, and more that one could want about Amtrak's proposed $7 billion investment in Daniel Burnham's historic Union Station.
1 hour ago   The Washington Post
The building of McMansions might be leveling off nationally, but in the D.C. area, bigger is definitely still better.
Nov 22, 2005   The Washington Post
Companies are touting a variety of safety features to lure contracts and offices into the area.
Nov 21, 2005   The Washington Post
A deal for a new stadium for the Washington Nationals seems to hinge on who will subsidize the parking, and how fancy the parking spaces will be.
Nov 17, 2005   The Washington Post
Their homes destroyed and the available housing stock almost wiped out, 150,000 displaced victims of Hurricane Katrina may find themselves evicted from their government-subsidized hotel rooms in little more than two weeks, according to a new decision from
Nov 16, 2005   The Washington Post
The Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission proposes a "a new planning paradigm" to help the County plan its growth.
Nov 15, 2005   The Washington Post
Many people who stuck through the hard times are slowly, but steadily either being pushed or bought out.
Nov 15, 2005   The Washington Post
Suburban voters in Virginia concerned with transportation and growth control may have swung the election to the Democrat Gov.-elect Timothy Kaine in the governor's race.
Nov 11, 2005   The Washington Post
New housing developments have cropped up in areas of D.C. once known for their crime and poverty.
Nov 11, 2005   The Washington Post
U.S. Census Bureau has released first-ever estimates of cities' daytime population changes.
Nov 2, 2005   The Washington Post
Fans of both 'extreme' breeds defend their choice in vehicle as war rages on in Washington DC over oil prices and HOV lane usage. Both
Nov 1, 2005   The Washington Post