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The Washington Post

The National Capital Planning Commission voted this week to reject a design by Gehry Partners for a memorial to Dwight D. Eisenhower planned for the National Mall in the nation’s capital.
Apr 5, 2014   The Washington Post
Citing numbers from AAA, Albert B. Crenshaw argues that switching to public transportation for some trips may not result in substantial savings unless you get rid of your car completely.
Oct 17, 2005   The Washington Post
Renowned urban planner Edmond N. Bacon transformed the nation's fifth largest city.
Oct 15, 2005   The Washington Post
In the right location, even plastic grass can make a successful public space.
Oct 13, 2005   The Washington Post
Finding new revenue to fund the state's dire transportation needs is at the forefront of the gubernatorial race.
Oct 2, 2005   The Washington Post
The money, part of the larger Hurricane Katrina Disaster Relief and Economic Recovery Act, would fund a variety of projects, but is drawing a storm of controversy. The amount is 16 times the amount previously needed to protect New Orleans from a Category 5 hurricane.
Sep 27, 2005   The Washington Post
Fiscal Conservatives and visionaries need to work together to rebuild New Orleans.
Sep 23, 2005   The Washington Post
A Senate committee requests information from the Justice Department about legal challenges to New Orleans levee projects by environmental groups. Do Republicans plan to blame environmentalists for the extent of destruction caused by Hurricane Katrina?
Sep 20, 2005   The Washington Post
Will Las Vegas Casinos become the model for future cities?
Sep 16, 2005   The Washington Post
In the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina some see an opportunity to reinvent a major American city.
Sep 15, 2005   The Washington Post
Hurricane Katrina showed how vulnerable the United States is to oil shocks. Government needs to do more to encourage conservation.
Sep 15, 2005   The Washington Post