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Good news for the United States is found in a recent series of maps by NASA. Air pollution has significantly improved around the country.
2 days ago   The Washington Post
<p>Lester Brown is a farmer turned environmentalist, and a MacArthur genius. When he questions the use of corn to fuel automobiles as opposed to feeding the world's growing population, people listen. He pushes other technologies to fight global warming.</p>
Dec 10, 2006   The Washington Post
<p>Blaming an increasing degree of risk due to climate change, insurance companies are ending the practice of providing flood insurance in many coastal areas, triggering a potentially enormous effect on housing and land use patterns.</p>
Dec 7, 2006   The Washington Post
<p>John Catoe, a Washingtion D.C. native who won praise as second in command at the Los Angeles MTA, was tapped to run the capital's transit agency -- a job that comes with both major headaches and perks.</p>
Nov 19, 2006   The Washington Post
<p>A new proposal would make Washington D.C. the first major city in the country to require most large scale construction to follow green building standards.</p>
Nov 16, 2006   The Washington Post
<p>The appeal of Clarendon, Virginia, a homey neighborhood outside Washington, D.C., is threatening to wipe out its quirky character with a wave of upscale chain retailers, high-end restaurants, and luxury condominiums.</p>
Nov 15, 2006   The Washington Post
<p>In Georgetown, a student party house seeks recognition as a religious organization to get around zoning restrictions.</p>
Nov 13, 2006   The Washington Post
<p>FEMA may not be utilizing the Katrina Cottage, but as an innovative solution to affordable gulf coast housing -- and beyond-- the charming 'little cottage that could' is finding new life through the private sector.</p>
Nov 7, 2006   The Washington Post
<p>Environmental Defense and the Maryland chapter of the Sierra Club say they plan to file a lawsuit to prevent the construction of an 18-mile segment of highway which they claim will violate clean-air standards.</p>
Nov 3, 2006   The Washington Post
<p>De facto master planning by Federal Government creates more sprawl in the Washington, D.C. region. For example, the FBI field office is moving from Tyson's Corner to Manassas, farther from the Alexandria courts where federal cases are heard.</p>
Nov 1, 2006   The Washington Post
<p>A wave of gentrification has revived part of the city's riverfront into a hip, urban neighborhood.</p>
Oct 30, 2006   The Washington Post