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Is a gentrified Venice Beach still Venice Beach? With median home prices topping $1.4 million, the area's eclectic characters can't afford to stay. Investors and the tech industry say the change is only natural.
4 days ago   The Washington Post
Maryland Governor Robert Ehrlich may be trying to sabotage a controversial proposed transit line in suburban Maryland to hide the fact there may not be any money left for it, according to the former chair of the Metro Advisory Board.
Jul 17, 2006   The Washington Post
Robert Samuelson questions whether we can conserve our way out of global warming.
Jul 8, 2006   The Washington Post
Vacation travel for the Washington area is expected to surpass last year's forcast.
Jul 3, 2006   The Washington Post
The Washington Post finds that the government has paid over $1.3 billion in agricultural subsidies to non-farmers, under a decades-old policy intended to eliminate subsidies. The policies are changing land use patterns in the Farm Belt.
Jul 3, 2006   The Washington Post
Half a century later, Interstate highways have transformed the face of modern America.
Jul 3, 2006   The Washington Post
It is possible to move three, four, or even five counties out from the District of Columbia and still feel the effects of growth in the national capital region, even though Unger, W.Va. is not generally considered a suburb of Washington.
Jun 30, 2006   The Washington Post
A new National Academy of Sciences report may have confirmed a disputed 1998 climate change study showing that the last few decades were the warmest ever recorded; yet it hasn't settled the issue as to whether man's activity is causing the change.
Jun 25, 2006   The Washington Post
In downtown Seattle and Portland, white gentrification leads to black flight to the suburbs.
Jun 21, 2006   The Washington Post
Regional employment forecasts project trends opposing planners' visions, with jobs spiraling outward from the city to the suburbs.
Jun 20, 2006   The Washington Post
Across the nation, states are leasing toll roads to private investors, including many foreign firms.
Jun 15, 2006   The Washington Post