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An already difficult project received bad news at the end of April in the form of long delays and huge cost overruns. Now Phase 2 of the Silver Line extension is expected to arrive in Loudon County, Virginia in 2020.
6 days ago   The Washington Post
Across the nation, states are leasing toll roads to private investors, including many foreign firms.
Jun 15, 2006   The Washington Post
After about a decade of planning and litigation, and another six years of construction, the first part of the first of two spans to replace the old Woodrow Wilson Bridge between Prince George's County, Md. and Alexandria, Va. is open to traffic.
Jun 13, 2006   The Washington Post
Plans for a massive new Pentagon-sized Homeland Security complex threaten to ruin one of the finest vistas in Washington, D.C.
Jun 9, 2006   The Washington Post
Extracting oil from Canada's tarry sand has lead to large incomes and huge environmental tolls for the holder of the world's second-largest oil reserves.
Jun 4, 2006   The Washington Post
Skeptics, including respected scientists, believe global warming is a hoax.
May 30, 2006   The Washington Post
A new study shows that Adequate Public Finance Ordinances (APFOs)in the National Capital Region may counter state's efforts at managing growth effectively.
May 30, 2006   The Washington Post
The Landover Mall, located next to a Capital Beltway interchange in Prince George's County, Maryland, and owned by Lerner Enterprises (a firm that has managed many successful mall centers, including Tysons Corner) has long been considered a blight.
May 17, 2006   The Washington Post
Soaring above the Potomac River, the new Woodrow Wilson Bridge will be completed on time and on budget, thanks to regional cooperation.
May 16, 2006   The Washington Post
A developer wants to raze the old Buckingham Village apartments in Arlington County, to replace them with pricey new townhomes. Should "neighborhood guardian" Lillian Veney and her dog, who have lived in the complex for 12 years, be forced out?
May 10, 2006   The Washington Post
Canada's new Conservative government tabled its budget yesterday, and with it reversed the previous government's commitment to the Kyoto Protocol.
May 3, 2006   The Washington Post