The Washington Post

With the Millennial boom in many urban centers, many cities are looking for ways to retain young families rather than losing them to the traditional suburban exodus. One columnist dares to ask: Do cities even need kids?
Aug 20, 2014   The Washington Post
Washington, D.C. suburbs are growing so fast that the roads haven’t caught up.
Dec 28, 2005   The Washington Post
Annapolitans are steamed about a proposal to insert the chain into a 1784 tavern.
Dec 28, 2005   The Washington Post
A feature-length article in the Washington Post charges that Washington D.C.'s Metrobus, the fifth largest in the nation, has done little to adapt to changing times, and is plagued by problems.
Dec 27, 2005   The Washington Post
Voorhees was instrumental in designing the roads and transportation systems in at least four national capitals, including Washington.
Dec 26, 2005   The Washington Post
If you think your job as a planner is tough, thank your stars that you're not a toll taker.
Dec 25, 2005   The Washington Post
What are the alternatives for the 7 million daily transit riders? Cabs seem like a good alternative, but cabbies may also stay home if the strike goes on.
Dec 21, 2005   The Washington Post
To reduce its "regulatory burden" the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency considers exempting some companies from reporting small releases of toxic pollutants.
Dec 16, 2005   The Washington Post
Felix G. Rohatyn and Warren Rudman say opponents of "big government" must realize that private enterprise has always been made possible by federal investments in physical infrastructure, and that this federal role needs to be reconceived and refined.
Dec 15, 2005   The Washington Post
Telecommunications giant BellSouth withdraws an offer to the city to use one of its buildings to house the city's police department after New Orleans officials announce a plan to provide free citywide Wi-Fi to stimulate economic development.
Dec 13, 2005   The Washington Post
The decision to deny the church's bid to build on the agricultural reserve has sparked furious debate on the use of green space.
Dec 11, 2005   The Washington Post