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Paris today made its first use of a drastic plan to improve air quality in the city: ban half of the cars on the road. The ban could continue tomorrow if the current air pollution alert does not improve.
Mar 23, 2015   The Independent
The United States and German embassies refuse to pay London's congestion charge.
Oct 19, 2005   The Independent
One of Tokyo's most famous examples of 'pod living' is on the chopping block for demolition.
Sep 13, 2005   The Independent
Arnold Schwarzenegger says its time to stop talking and start acting on the threats posed by global warming.
Jul 6, 2005   The Independent
Local people win important victory in protecting the rainforest from logging companies.
May 31, 2005   The Independent
Scientists claim to have the "proof" that global warming is a man-made phenomenon.
Feb 22, 2005   The Independent
The abrupt slowing and halting of over 20 dam projects in China represents one of the "most dramatic" turns toward environmental politics of any government.
Feb 15, 2005   The Independent
Distinctive architecture is making it's mark on British university campuses.
Feb 11, 2005   The Independent
It may soon be too late to fight global warming says a new report. For the first time in a document of its kind, it also identifies a threshold beyond which it would not be possible to reverse the impact of climate change.
Jan 25, 2005   The Independent
A major study shows that between the melting of the polar arctic ice cap and the accumulation of toxic chemicals, northern wildlife including the polar bear are heading for extinction in this century.
Nov 12, 2004   The Independent
At 8,000 lbs, the "Smart Truck" will dwarf the Hummer.
Nov 11, 2004   The Independent