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Paris today made its first use of a drastic plan to improve air quality in the city: ban half of the cars on the road. The ban could continue tomorrow if the current air pollution alert does not improve.
Mar 23, 2015   The Independent
<p>Auto makers are set to launch new cars priced at $3000 in India. Andrew Buncombe reports on the massive social, economic, and environmental impact of the new affordable vehicles.</p>
Jul 2, 2007   The Independent
<p>The first new bridge in Venice, Italy, in 70 years will first be constructed in a hangar before it is actually placed over the city's canal -- which many fear will cause the canal's banks to sink under the tremendous weight.</p>
May 11, 2007   The Independent
<p>A peninsular area of land in Greenland has become an island off its coast due to rising sea levels, which scientists attribute to global warming.</p>
Apr 24, 2007   The Independent
<p>A journalist says Burma's new secret capital city uses urban planning as insurance against regime change.</p>
Mar 28, 2007   The Independent
For decades corrupt and unscrupulous waste disposal practices have targeted African countries for toxic dumping. Now the enormous surge in the production of e-waste is magnifying this problem.
Sep 22, 2006   The Independent
To reduce the amount of land lost near New Orleans and the mouth of the Mississippi River, scientists and public officials are considering a grand re-routing of the river in hopes of recreating a delta that is rapidly disappearing.
Sep 21, 2006   The Independent
Is the Bush administration planning a dramatic reversal of its policy on global warming?
Sep 19, 2006   The Independent
Small organic farms are scattered throughout Cuba that have been providing food for the country ever since the fall of the Soviet empire 20 years ago. The collaboration between the government and local farmers has benefited the whole country.
Aug 11, 2006   The Independent
A North Carolina based weekly has published a helpful list of ways for residents to reduce their energy consumption.
Jul 7, 2006   The Independent
Consumer electronics, with their ubiquity, rapid technological advances, ever-lower prices, and fashion trends, have never been easier to buy -- or throw away.
Feb 28, 2006   The Independent