South Florida Sun-Sentinel

Parkour, a sort of sport that uses urban spaces as a series of obstacles to spring over and around, is a growing trend in South Florida. But local officials are concerned about the liability issues of careening "traceurs" in public parks and plazas.
Nov 29, 2011   South Florida Sun-Sentinel
Another city, South Florida's Delray Beach, wrestles with whether chickens can co-exist with urban residents.
May 21, 2010   South Florida Sun-Sentinel
<p>Palm Beach and Broward Counties in Florida are looking at a future of dwindling resources for road-building, and projecting the need for alternative transportation.</p>
Jul 14, 2008   South Florida Sun-Sentinel
<p>An ever-decreasing water supply threatens growth in South Florida's final development frontier.</p>
Oct 4, 2007   South Florida Sun-Sentinel
<p>As the region faces a drought and local residents are forced to comply with water-saving regulations, the South Florida Water Management District will reconsider approving a new golf course that will use up to a million gallons of water per day.</p>
Apr 12, 2007   South Florida Sun-Sentinel
<p>To the dismay of many residents, plans have been submitted for a housing development of more than 12,000 units in western Palm Beach County, Florida. Zoning and building guidelines would have to be changed to allow the development.</p>
Feb 23, 2007   South Florida Sun-Sentinel
Developers in Palm Beach County didn't even have to twist any arms to get the county zoning commission to drop its affordable housing requirements.
Jul 9, 2006   South Florida Sun-Sentinel
After 40 years of no growth, downtown Coral Springs new downtown is starting to take shape.
Sep 8, 2005   South Florida Sun-Sentinel