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In his look ahead to the big idea that will shape 2014, Bruce Katz identifies the emergence of the "Innovation District" - a shift in the "spatial geography of innovation" from isolated corporate campuses to mixed-use urban districts.
Jan 1, 2014   The Brookings Institution
A recent report from <em>The Brookings Institution</em> examines unemployment trends in the urban and suburban areas of the top 100 metropolitan areas in the U.S., mainly by looking at the demand for "safety net" services.
Jul 24, 2009   The Brookings Institution
Recent research from the Brookings Institution looks at 98 metropolitan areas and finds that fewer people are working close to downtowns, and there are fewer jobs located in those areas.
Apr 8, 2009   The Brookings Institution
Metropolitan regions are the most important factors in supporting prosperous economies. For national economies to succeed, metropolitan regions must succeed, according to this article from the <em>Brookings Institution</em>.
Mar 12, 2009   The Brookings Institution
Though the recent decline in vehicle miles traveled has been commonly linked with this year's rise in gas prices, VMT has been on the way down for years, according to a new report from the Brookings Institution.
Dec 17, 2008   The Brookings Institution
<p>This report from <em>The Brookings Institution</em> examined census data for the largest 150 municipalities in the U.S. to determine if and how jobs follow rising populations of workers, and what cities can do to increase access to jobs and workers.</p>
Jan 9, 2008   The Brookings Institution
<p>Bruce Katz of The Brookings Institution argues that the health and vitality of cities will determine which nations will prosper in this century -- which he has dubbed the 'Urban Age'.</p>
May 17, 2007   The Brookings Institution
<p>The nation's population trends can give planners insight into the demand for housing in the coming decades.</p>
Apr 4, 2007   The Brookings Institution
<p>The Brookings Institution's Metropolitan Policy Program has published its list of the top ten most noteworthy urban and demographic trends affecting U.S. metropolitan regions in 2006.</p>
Dec 29, 2006   The Brookings Institution
<p>The Brookings Institution's Metropolitan Policy Program provides a review of its work in 2006, along with a list of the ten most noteworthy trends.</p>
Dec 28, 2006   The Brookings Institution
<p>A report by the Brookings Institution looks at city and suburban poverty trends over the last 6 years using American Community Survey and Census data. One finding is that since 2005 more impoverished people live in suburbs than in cities.</p>
Dec 25, 2006   The Brookings Institution