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Humboldt Construction Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of a Chicago CDC, has been providing local employment and high-quality work for over 30 years.
Nov 27, 2014   Shelterforce Magazine
The right choice of words, stories and images can have a remarkable effect on how the public views affordable housing.
Aug 25, 2006   Shelterforce Magazine
After 9/11, when economic forces threatened Chinatown's survival, collaborative planning built consensus on where to go next.
Aug 16, 2006   Shelterforce Magazine
Neighborhood planning allows community-based developers to move beyond housing development and become community catalysts.
Aug 10, 2006   Shelterforce Magazine
For 18 years, the Neighborhood Capital Budget Group has helped Chicago's grassroots community organizations understand where and how their public dollars are spent.
Aug 3, 2006   Shelterforce Magazine
An experiment in Ontario, Canada has ordinary residents meeting regularly to decide how government funds are spent on playgrounds, health clinics and adult education.
Jul 26, 2006   Shelterforce Magazine
How residents of Lawrence, MA, are campaigning for greater resident control of public resources.
Jul 17, 2006   Shelterforce Magazine
A grassroots coalition in Oakland used its organizing and design skills to produce a housing proposal the city couldn't refuse, despite the mayor's stiff opposition.
Apr 25, 2006   Shelterforce Magazine
Displaced and overwhelmed, three major organizing networks provided immediate aid to Hurricane Katrina evacuees, and began working for long-term, equitable recovery. Will they be able to rise to the human and political challenges?
Apr 7, 2006   Shelterforce Magazine
How the tenants movement of the 1970s and 1980s evolved into the housing and community development movement of today.
Feb 2, 2006   Shelterforce Magazine
Grassroots groups, developers, bankers and others are sharing knowledge and collaborating on campaigns to change state and local community development policies.
Jan 26, 2006   Shelterforce Magazine