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Community development financial institutions are great places for impact investors to put their dollars, but the money isn't flowing. Rosalie Sheehy Cates discusses the barriers in connecting CDFIs and impact investors, and a way forward for both.
May 19, 2014   Shelterforce Magazine
While the Massachusetts Affordable Housing Alliance is helping people buy homes, their aim is to build an army of trained homeowners to engage their own neighbors in organizing and advocacy.
Aug 11, 2009   Shelterforce Magazine
Shelterforce magazine takes a look at one of the hardest hit areas in New Jersey by the ongoing foreclosure crisis, and a first-in-the-nation property acquisition project that aims to stabilize neighborhood in decline.
Jul 30, 2009   Shelterforce Magazine
<p>Community groups and politicians are creating new strategies to bring fresh foods into low-income neighborhoods.</p>
Nov 21, 2006   Shelterforce Magazine
<p>Should the people who build low-income housing get a prevailing wage? Community developers say they can't afford to pay it, but can they really fight poverty if they don't?</p>
Nov 15, 2006   Shelterforce Magazine
<p>In Boston, labor unions and community groups are joining forces to win victories for affordable housing.</p>
Nov 2, 2006   Shelterforce Magazine
<p>Nonprofit organizations are offering foreclosure prevention programs to assist people when their mortgages have become unmanageable.</p>
Oct 25, 2006   Shelterforce Magazine
<p>Policies and initiatives based on class and race are essential in altering the unequal patterns of opportunity in cities and suburbs.</p>
Oct 20, 2006   Shelterforce Magazine
<p>More Katrina evacuees went to Texas than any other state except Louisiana. A year later, many of them are in limbo.</p>
Oct 11, 2006   Shelterforce Magazine
The right choice of words, stories and images can have a remarkable effect on how the public views affordable housing.
Aug 25, 2006   Shelterforce Magazine
After 9/11, when economic forces threatened Chinatown's survival, collaborative planning built consensus on where to go next.
Aug 16, 2006   Shelterforce Magazine