Commenting on a recent drop in new-home sales, mortgage applications, and slowing home price increases, Goldman Sachs analysts are reporting that America's housing market has hit “a pothole.”
Aug 30, 2013   Marketwatch
In its bid to host the World Cup in either 2018 or 2022, the United States has narrowed its list of possible host cities down to 18. Notably missing are San Francisco and Chicago.
Jan 14, 2010   Marketwatch
In fact, says one planner, suburbs and exurbs can expect to see some of the biggest changes of all, at least from infrastructure and transportation funding.
Dec 22, 2008   Marketwatch
A new piece of legislation rewards local governments in California that build affordable housing with money to build and maintain parks.
Oct 22, 2008   Marketwatch
<p>MarketWatch reports on the rise of contactless smart cards in public transit and banking, and speculates that the time is ripe to put the two uses on the same card.</p>
Jul 21, 2008   Marketwatch
<p>The American Society of Landscape Architects has awarded the Lurie Garden in Chicago's Millennium Park with it's highest honor.</p>
Jul 20, 2008   Marketwatch
The Pacific Northwest trumps this year's rankings, although a number of older East Coast cities also make the top ten. Criteria considered include commitment to public health, the local economy, and citizens and city cooperation on long-term goals.
Jun 6, 2006   Marketwatch
Fannie Mae VP makes case that current trends mirror previous housing bubbles.
Jun 21, 2005   Marketwatch