CoolTown Studios

An activist project in Dallas, Texas turned an auto-oriented block into a pedestrian paradise, envisioning what could be with a little paint and fake lampposts. The city listened, and is now working to make the change permanent.
May 26, 2010   CoolTown Studios
Cooltown Studios looks at what makes a shiny new corporate district different from an organically-grown one.
Nov 24, 2008   CoolTown Studios
CoolTown Studios looks at a recent study in Portland, OR that shows that certain retail establishments- cafes, movie theaters, wine bars- increase property values in neighborhoods by up to 30%.
Oct 4, 2008   CoolTown Studios
Thirteen points of pedestrian oriented development as presented by the planning firms Duany Plater-Zyberk & Company.
May 4, 2005   CoolTown Studios