For those who think architectural history isn’t something to sniff at, a new exhibition at the California College of the Arts aims to convince otherwise.
Oct 14, 2013   Archinect
According to this opinion piece, planners must ease up on "big bang" planning--an approach centered around sweeping changes with fixed ideas of what the outcome must look like.
Apr 3, 2009   Archinect
Architects and researchers are looking into the influences of African and African-American culture on urbanism.
Sep 25, 2008   Archinect
<p>The old San Francisco Armory, which has sat empty for more than three decades in city's Mission district, has found a new use, but local residents aren't exactly excited about this latest chapter of the neighborhood's gentrification.</p>
Jan 19, 2007   Archinect
In his recent book, The Myth of Solid Ground, David Ulin looks at what earthquakes might mean, from a cultural standpoint -- including what scientific, or pseudo-scientific, techniques now hope to predict future seismic catastrophe.
Apr 18, 2006   Archinect
Sam Davis was awarded in 2002 a Guggenheim Fellowship to write his new book, Designing for the Homeless: Architecture that Works.
Feb 23, 2005   Archinect