In carbon-tax friendly Australia wind energy production is now cheaper than coal and natural gas.
Feb 12, 2013   Truthout
In advance of President George W. Bush's State of the Union address, William Rivers Pitt looks at widespread poverty and the ruins of New Orleans to state, "the state of this union is not good."
Feb 2, 2006   Truthout
Former national security officials try to convince the Bush Administration to invest $1 Billion in lighter, more fuel efficient cars.
Mar 31, 2005   Truthout
If the "Peak Oil" theory is true, something must be done. If it is not true, something must still be done to curb the instability, pollution, terrorism and war inherent in the petroleum economy.
Mar 8, 2005   Truthout
A PBS Special looks at the impact of immigration on U.S. communities.
Jan 29, 2005   Truthout
A new directive from the Department of Defense eliminates any need for the Pentagon to be responsible for public health or toxic site cleanups.
Dec 15, 2004   Truthout
In the wake of the election, many environmentalists are calling for a turn to state and local politics to achieve environmental goals.
Nov 25, 2004   Truthout