In carbon-tax friendly Australia wind energy production is now cheaper than coal and natural gas.
Feb 12, 2013   Truthout
<p>Former federal prosecutor Elizabeth de la Vega laments the incredibly disjointed and ad hoc approach to freshwater management in the United States.</p>
Jul 25, 2008   Truthout
<p>Dean Baker of the Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR) chastises those whom he calls the "homeownership ideologues" for promoting homeownership to lower income households.</p>
Apr 22, 2008   Truthout
<p>Dean Baker of the Center for Economic and Policy Research suggests that one way that the federal government could help millions of Americans squeezed by the housing crisis is to permit homeowners to enter "own-to-rent" arrangements.</p>
Feb 13, 2008   Truthout
<p>A group of French academics have written an open letter decrying the latest in a long string of plans to deal with the working-class Parisian suburbs, which saw riots in 2005.</p>
Feb 1, 2008   Truthout
<p>In an interview with French architect Françoise-Hélène Jourda, the newspaper <em>Le Monde</em> asks about sustainable development and the future of architecture.</p>
Oct 4, 2007   Truthout
<p>NOLA human rights lawyer Bill Quigley outlines what he believes were thirty-three deliberate actions on the part of the federal government to undermine recovery in New Orleans.</p>
Jul 5, 2007   Truthout
<p>A progressive -- if cynical -- argument for privatizing Amtrak: only private interests can borrow the necessary capital to upgrade it, and have the clout necessary to lobby Congress to support the service adequately.</p>
Apr 29, 2007   Truthout
<p>Millions of middle-class homeowners may lose their life savings if the economy slides into a severe recession, so why aren't more politicians, bankers, economists and policy analysts taking the threat of a housing market collapse seriously?</p>
Oct 26, 2006   Truthout
<p>Promised federal investments to upgrade America's electricity grid in the wake of the 2003 blackout have never materialized. As a result, the U.S. power grid "hangs by a thread."</p>
Oct 19, 2006   Truthout
Shortfalls in promised aid from Washington to rebuild New Orleans have led Mayor Ray Nagin to consider asking for help from abroad.
Feb 8, 2006   Truthout