In carbon-tax friendly Australia wind energy production is now cheaper than coal and natural gas.
Feb 12, 2013   Truthout
Having promised a new and progressive direction in urban policy, President Obama has instead been "destructive" for America's cities, argues Yana Kunichoff.
Feb 4, 2012   Truthout
Michael Klare argues that the revolution and turmoil sweeping so many of the Middle Eastern oil-producing nations will bring the age of cheap oil to an end.
Mar 6, 2011   Truthout
Conservative political and media rhetoric aimed at "fat cat" public employees scapegoats middle-class workers for the economic crisis and threatens to undermine public welfare at all levels, write Max Fraad Wolff and Richard D. Wolff.
Feb 1, 2011   Truthout
The Gulf Coast is home to diverse ethnic and racial communities that have already endured decades of pollution from chemical and petroleum industries. The BP leak may be the "nail in the coffin" for many of these communities, writes Jordan Flaherty.
Jun 17, 2010   Truthout
William Rivers Pitt says it's all too easy to blame BP or the politicians who deregulated the oil industry. Ultimately, he says, all of us are to blame for the Gulf oil disaster and the damage wrought by fossil fuels.
Jun 13, 2010   Truthout
Froma Harrop responds to Joel Kotkin's view that booming centers -- mostly in the Sunbelt -- represent the future of American urbanism.
Feb 5, 2010   Truthout
Herve Kemp believes that the future of employment in Europe will include a million "family farmer jobs."
May 28, 2009   Truthout
Three authors in the French Newspaper Le Monde pose possible futures for the car and the automobile industry.
Mar 9, 2009   Truthout
In this review of Alex MacLean's new book, "Over: The American Landscape at the Tipping Point," Hervé Kempf of Le Monde describes MacLean's book as a photo essay on a nation at the end of an era.
Oct 23, 2008   Truthout
This week international legal experts are meeting in Iceland to debate whether or not the world needs new international laws concerning the polar regions in the face of climate change.
Sep 11, 2008   Truthout