Sarasota Herald-Tribune

Officials in Sarasota, Florida have thrown out a 100-year old rule against spitting in public, despite some concerns about public health.
Dec 19, 2008   Sarasota Herald-Tribune
<p>Local officials in Manasota Key, FL tried to preserve the character of their community by putting height restrictions in place, but a thwarted developer has been awarded $500k for the limitations these restrictions imposed on his property rights.</p>
Jul 23, 2008   Sarasota Herald-Tribune
<p>If public participation is a goal, local government should work harder to make public hearings more user-friendly.</p>
May 30, 2007   Sarasota Herald-Tribune
<p>A planned public library in Sarasota County, Florida, has a garden-topped future ahead of it, as county officials plan to use the library's green roof as a test-run to determine if green roofs are a solution to Florida's stormwater runoff problems.</p>
Oct 9, 2006   Sarasota Herald-Tribune
Officials in Sarasota County support the incorporation of what will likely be the state's fourth -- and largest -- local housing land trust.
Aug 6, 2005   Sarasota Herald-Tribune
Florida voters repealed a constitutional amendment to develop a state rail network, but the idea may survive.
Nov 8, 2004   Sarasota Herald-Tribune