A new group of cities is emerging to collaboratively tackle issues related to sea level rise in delta and waterfront cities.
Oct 7, 2010   WorldChanging
Toronto is moving forward with a plan to re-vision it's aging concrete high-rises as sustainable, mixed-use centers of urban development.
Apr 27, 2009   WorldChanging
This piece from <em>Worldchanging</em> looks at the Seattle-area city of Ballard. It's a "20-minute city", where people can get to practically everything they'd want or need to within a 20-minute walk.
Apr 14, 2009   WorldChanging
The smart grid is not as hard to define as some have suggested. Jesse Berst, managing director of Global Smart Energy says making it work will be tough, but it's really just a matter of coordinating three crucial aspects, according to Worldchanging.
Mar 29, 2009   WorldChanging
WorldChanging interviews Amory Lovins of the Rocky Mountain Institute, discussing the 2,000 watt lifestyle proposed by the Swiss and his recent letter to Secretary Steven Chu.
Mar 25, 2009   WorldChanging
Jay Walljasper argues that the need for accessible, vibrant public space grows along with the bad times.
Mar 17, 2009   WorldChanging
Sightline's Clark Williams-Derry looks at low gas prices, a down economy, and vehicle-miles-traveled, noting that the precipitous declines in VMT have halted, and suspects it may plateau.
Feb 27, 2009   WorldChanging
In Rohnert Park, CA, developers are turning a former industrial site into a green community that is almost completely energy independent. But can a project like this fit into an auto-oriented suburb?
Feb 20, 2009   WorldChanging
Responding to an opinion piece that claims there is no proof that transit-oriented development works to reduce auto use and emissions, writer Eric De Place catalogs the significant body of literature that proves it.
Feb 13, 2009   WorldChanging
A recent study by the World Resources Institute for Maryland's upcoming Purple Line project sided with BRT. WorldChanging asks researchers Greg Fuhs and Dario Hidalgo how they came to side with buses.
Feb 8, 2009   WorldChanging
Alex Steffen of WorldChanging looks at the Obama administration's moves towards funding more highways, the appointment of Ray LaHood, and argues that we can do much better.
Jan 16, 2009   WorldChanging