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East Valley Tribune

The Valley Metro Rail system launched a new light rail extension over the weekend that connects the city of Mesa into Phoenix, Tempe and to the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.
Aug 24, 2015   East Valley Tribune
The Metro's Rail Management Committee of East Valley is considering trading the naming rights of light rail stations for revenue.
Jun 8, 2009   East Valley Tribune
Mesa, AZ is adding a new land use category to its general plan to promote mixed-use, high-density development along the light-rail corridor- specifically in an area of West Mesa formerly dominated by WalMart.
Dec 16, 2008   East Valley Tribune
<p>A new report focuses on the expected growth of the Phoenix-Tuscon "Sun Corridor" to 10 million residents by 2030, and highlights the challenges and opportunities for this megapolitan region.</p>
May 18, 2008   East Valley Tribune
<p>The city of Tempe, Arizona, is experimenting with brightly colored bike lanes to try to improve bicycle safety.</p>
Mar 24, 2008   East Valley Tribune
<p>Business owners in Mesa, Arizona are worried that a planned light rail extension will harm their businesses if it passes through their street -- a plan they have been vocal in opposing.</p>
Nov 15, 2007   East Valley Tribune
<p>Boosters like to sell downtown revitalization as crucial to a region's economic interest -- but for most cities, that's rarely the case.</p>
Aug 4, 2007   East Valley Tribune
As Tempe, Arizona moves ahead with plans for more urban style growth, its neighbor Phoenix is not thrilled.
Oct 1, 2006   East Valley Tribune
Arizona State University will work with the City of Tempe to develop nearly 100 acres of land around its campus.
Aug 5, 2004   East Valley Tribune