Building Design

Much of the language used by globetrotting architects and academics to describe their projects and concepts is indecipherable to those not up to speed on biomorphology or french philosophy. BD offers a helpful guide for speaking architect.
Dec 26, 2013   Building Design
This point-counterpoint from <em>Building Design</em> debates whether the British can design good public spaces.
Feb 14, 2009   Building Design
Prince Charles makes a case for the commercial viability of green housing with traditional design, as opposed to the modernist styles typically associated with the future of low carbon homes.
Dec 16, 2008   Building Design
Where traditional shopping malls were all about creating retail-only internal spaces, new retail developments are mixing uses and returning to the street.
Nov 9, 2008   Building Design
In the mid-1900s architect Le Corbusier designed a grand sports complex for Baghdad as part of the city's bid for the 1960 Olympics. That bid failed and the project was never built. Now, original drawings and designs are on display.
Oct 20, 2008   Building Design
With too much focus on "architectural bling" and a hyperactive development pattern, Dubai is in danger of becoming a modern planning disaster, according to architect Thom Mayne.
Oct 11, 2008   Building Design
Surveys find that residents in the UK want high density development.
Jun 28, 2004   Building Design