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Sounding very much like the new OH and WI Republican governors, a key state Republican legislator wants to avoid the ongoing state subsidy for Iowa City to Chicago trains. At stake is $230 million in a Federal rail grant to build 110 mph trains.
Jan 10, 2011   Des Moines Register
Despite opposition from businesses and neighborhood groups, the city of Des Moines, Iowa is intent on implementing a program to make local streets friendly to non-drivers.
Sep 21, 2009   Des Moines Register
<p>Parkersburg, IA, reeling from a recent tornado that devastated the town, could look to nearby Charles City for a silver lining.</p>
Jun 2, 2008   Des Moines Register
In Des Moines, eminent domain was a critical tool used to revitalize downtown, and the Kelo decision has put 'that ability under a cloud'.
Feb 8, 2006   Des Moines Register
The city of Newton, Iowa is hoping the NASCAR-sponsored track will bring in much-needed revenue.
Jun 23, 2005   Des Moines Register
Hawkeyes discover the appeal of an urban lifestyle.
Apr 26, 2005   Des Moines Register
A developer's ideas take this college town's urbanism to new heights.
Jan 10, 2005   Des Moines Register
DesMoine's Drake neighborhood breaks ground on a new, "New Urban" development.
Oct 29, 2004   Des Moines Register
New Urbanism is just "window dressing" writes David Knopf.
Jul 6, 2004   Des Moines Register
The future of Iowa State's early 20th century dairy barns is in question
Jun 18, 2004   Des Moines Register