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Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl is promoting a number of green initiatives for the city, including new guidelines for the raising of chickens and honeybees in urban areas. The City Council approved the guidelines last week.
Feb 13, 2011   Pittsburgh Post Gazette
<p>Pittsburgh leaders who had spent more than a year creating standards for everything from how a casino should look to where it could be located are furious about a bill enacted by the State House that removes zoning authority from cities.</p>
Oct 26, 2006   Pittsburgh Post Gazette
The newest development in the City of Pittsburgh doesn't want bus service, claiming it will turn their neighborhood into a park-and-ride and few residents will use it.
Aug 30, 2005   Pittsburgh Post Gazette
An 11-mile stretch of road and inter-connecting tunnels will become a new bike/wilderness trail.
Jul 12, 2005   Pittsburgh Post Gazette
Winning plan is an example of how universities and local communities can work together to turn an area around.
May 17, 2005   Pittsburgh Post Gazette
Landscape architect seeks to convert the ecrepit warehouses and shuttered plants on Pittsburgh's riverfronts into assetts.
Feb 15, 2005   Pittsburgh Post Gazette
A new plan to revitalize Pittsburgh's long-ailing Fifth and Forbes corridor is anchored by space for hundreds of new housing units, de-emphasizing retail space.
Jan 21, 2005   Pittsburgh Post Gazette
David Garman, U.S. Department of Energy chief of power efficiency, defended the Bush administration's record on global warming.
Oct 24, 2004   Pittsburgh Post Gazette
High-mileage motherhood is becoming a standard practice for many American families, despite the equally high stress factor.
Aug 5, 2004   Pittsburgh Post Gazette
How do Americans living in Europe adjust to living without a car?
Jun 2, 2004   Pittsburgh Post Gazette