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If Gov. John Kitzhaber signs SB 810, as expected, Oregon will create a voluntary program for up to 5,000 motorists who will pay 1.5-cents for every mile they drive instead of the 30-cent state fuel excise tax.
Jul 10, 2013   Statesman Journal
<p>This editorial argues that a growth boundary is not the right way to control suburban growth in Salem, Oregon.</p>
Feb 17, 2008   Statesman Journal
<p>Salem, Oregon has used urban renewal areas to bring economic development to many of its neighborhoods. But the success of these areas is variable, and some say it may be time to stop designating places for renewal.</p>
Oct 2, 2007   Statesman Journal
<p>Lawmakers in Oregon approved a bill to require state agencies to cut their energy consumption by 20% by 2015. Agencies will have to submit plans for how they will cut their energy use, which is expected to occur through facilities improvements.</p>
May 13, 2007   Statesman Journal
<p>Oregon Governor Ted Kulongoski has undertaken an experiment and social commentary stunt to survive on food stamps. He hopes his $21-a-week food budget will raise awareness of the plight of the low-income residents of his state.</p>
Apr 26, 2007   Statesman Journal
Why Salem, Oregon, is poised to succeed in the emerging 'knowledge economy'.
Apr 2, 2006   Statesman Journal
A task force will be appointed to find ways to close the growing rift in Oregon's statewide land use program.
Aug 18, 2005   Statesman Journal
The home of Oregon's pioneering land use planning laws faces local opposition to mixed-use zoning.
Mar 16, 2004   Statesman Journal