Jo Comerford of the National Priorities Project reports on how one New York state mayor is addressing the interconnections between municipal budget shortfalls and federal spending on warfare.
Apr 13, 2010   TomDispatch
America's home-equity-as-ATM-machine scheme is about to explode, says Mike Davis.
Apr 20, 2005   TomDispatch
Homeownership has no "mystical virtue" that makes the owner more valuable to society, writes Mark Winston Griffith
Mar 31, 2005   TomDispatch
Climate change appears to be the driving force behind conflicts in some parts of Africa. If the developing world wants to head off such conflicts, cutting emmissions must be a priority.
Mar 2, 2005   TomDispatch
The impacts of tax cuts and the sluggish economy may mean reductions in spending on social programs and the environment when the budget is unveiled next week.
Feb 1, 2005   TomDispatch
A host of economic and political forces are leading to growing concern about the bursting of an "historically unprecedented credit bubble" that could lead to a collapse of the U.S. economy.
Jan 22, 2005   TomDispatch
The Iraqi city of Falluja may require more than $1 billion to rebuild; the U.S. is promising a fraction of that.
Jan 18, 2005   TomDispatch
The extreme weather ravaging the Carribean and Florida may well be linked to climate change -- but you'd never know it by watching the news.
Sep 28, 2004   TomDispatch
Mike Davis warns that concentrated poverty and poor santitation in Asian and African slums could cause a worldwide public health catastrophe.
Feb 10, 2004   TomDispatch