Jo Comerford of the National Priorities Project reports on how one New York state mayor is addressing the interconnections between municipal budget shortfalls and federal spending on warfare.
Apr 13, 2010   TomDispatch
Andy Kroll wanders through the rubble of California's subprime crisis and finds homeowners waiting 10-12 hours in lines for mortgage relief, plummeting property values, and what may be the seeds of more foreclosures to come.
Dec 2, 2009   TomDispatch
Michael Klare believes that our transition from petroleum to sustainable energy sources will not be easy, smooth or peaceful.
Sep 24, 2009   TomDispatch
Dusty "red snow" in the Rockies, plunging water levels in Lake Mead and California's forest fires are all signs that the West is drying up, writes Chip Ward.
Sep 18, 2009   TomDispatch
Likening the impact of the economic crisis to a dirty bomb or a "second 9/11", Tom Engelhardt takes the reader on a tour of what remains of his once-vibrant New York neighborhood.
Mar 24, 2009   TomDispatch
Towns and small cities dependent on one or two industries are reeling in the face of the economic downturn and major budget cuts. Can the nation's large cities be far behind?
Feb 24, 2009   TomDispatch
The unexpected plunge in oil prices is leading to declining investments in renewables and may prove politically destabilizing, argues Michael Klare.
Jan 9, 2009   TomDispatch
A lot of pundits have been seeing in the Obama presidency a chance to invest large amounts of federal dollars on green infrastructure. Not yet, argues Mike Davis.
Nov 21, 2008   TomDispatch
<p>Mike Davis wonders if the excesses of Dubai portend a rapidly-warming and deteriorating world of diverging urban fortunes, where a minority live in eco-friendly luxury, while most endure polluted squalor.</p>
Jun 27, 2008   TomDispatch
<p>Tom Engelhardt explores the architectural and political significance of the mammoth US embassy construction project in Baghdad.</p>
Jun 2, 2007   TomDispatch
Mike Davis on Dubai's plans to become the "luxury-consumer paradise of the Middle East and South Asia."
Jul 15, 2005   TomDispatch