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<p>Beijing is in the midst of a wide-scale revitalization effort to prepare itself for the 2008 Olympic games. Included in this effort is a citywide conservation plan targeting 25 areas in the city. But the term "conservation" is loosely defined.</p>
Jan 16, 2008   The Australian
An Australian editor theorizes about the United States' flexibility in bouncing back from even the worst tragedies, even in spite of governmental blunders.
Sep 9, 2005   The Australian
Is Australia's capital on its way to becoming an urban sprawl nightmare comparable to Los Angeles?
Aug 11, 2005   The Australian
Celebrity developer Donald Trump clashes with celebrity architect Daniel Libeskind over the redesign of the World Trade Center.
May 20, 2005   The Australian
A recent UN report finds that most of the world's population will be living in cities by 2007.
Apr 3, 2004   The Australian
The demand for project managers in Australia means that they are well paid and the industry is coming up with creative techniques of filling the shortfalls.
Mar 28, 2004   The Australian
With a forecast 195% increase in the number of 65-84 year olds in Australia to 2026, retirement villages could be the next development
Feb 8, 2004   The Australian
With two-bedroom sustainable kit homes priced from AUD$63,000 (around USD$50,000) plus labour, they are becoming a real housing alternative.
Jan 26, 2004   The Australian
What makes a country attractive (or unattractive) to live in? An expat's perspective.
Jan 23, 2004   The Australian