The Australian

<p>Beijing is in the midst of a wide-scale revitalization effort to prepare itself for the 2008 Olympic games. Included in this effort is a citywide conservation plan targeting 25 areas in the city. But the term "conservation" is loosely defined.</p>
Jan 16, 2008   The Australian
<p>A $1.7 billion high-rise development proposal that would jut out into the Brisbane River has prompted the protests of many planners and architects in Brisbane, Australia.</p>
Jan 5, 2008   The Australian
<p>High returns on investments for housing developments in struggling and stagnant Australian city suburbs are helping to convince both developers and public officials to continue the outer-urban renewal efforts.</p>
Nov 21, 2007   The Australian
<p>As certain agricultural markets are globalizing, many small farming communities from South Dakota to Mississippi to Australia are facing a strong decline in population that shows little sign of rebounding.</p>
Nov 17, 2006   The Australian
<p>An Australian housing industry body has made the claim that people who can't afford to buy their own homes are contributing to the lack of affordable housing.</p>
Nov 1, 2006   The Australian
<p>Making cities and urban places more child-friendly was the subject of a recent planning conference in Sydney, Australia. Attendees highlighted some of the ways poor planning can negatively affect childhood development.</p>
Oct 31, 2006   The Australian
Australian urban planning critics are casting planning as the 'villain' in destroying the rapid suburbanization that has fueled a home-ownership dream. But this is a dangerous view, writes urban management professor Brendan Gleeson.
Sep 6, 2006   The Australian
Dense, arty neighborhoods have failed to attract talent and capital, writes Joel Kotkin. What people really want is affordable space.
Feb 22, 2006   The Australian
A columnist confesses publicly that he is a heretic and that he 'loves suburbia.'
Jan 27, 2006   The Australian
House prices in most capital cities in Australias have doubled, putting them out of reach for young Australian families.
Dec 7, 2005   The Australian
Is Melbourne experiencing a populist revolt against the city's smart growth Melbourne 2030 development plan?
Nov 23, 2005   The Australian