The Walrus

Formed as a primarily agrarian nation, Canada is now seeing its cities crippled by constitutional arrangements that leaves its cities underfunded and with only minimal support from the federal government, writes John Macfarlane.
Feb 8, 2011   The Walrus
With the Winter Olympics fast approaching, the editor of Vancouver Magazine takes a shot at capturing the big picture of the city that has become a model for planners everywhere.
Feb 2, 2010   The Walrus
Cities around the world are finding that turning industrial ruins into green public space is far more cost effective and fun than tearing them down.
Nov 11, 2009   The Walrus
Canada's wide open spaces and clean cities are misleading: its arable land could fit in Montana and most of its dirty manufacturing has moved to Asia. A more accurate economic model is required to account for Canadians' ecological footprint.
Oct 16, 2008   The Walrus
<p>Cyclists Bill Reynolds muses on the freedom offered by the bicycle -- and the tragic tendency for cyclists to fall victim to automobiles.</p>
Jun 23, 2008   The Walrus
<p>As part of a special issue on cities, the Canadian magazine <em>The Walrus</em> examines the little-known histories of famous public squares around the world.</p>
Dec 20, 2007   The Walrus
<p>Owning a home may appeal to primitive happiness-seeking instincts, but the resulting suburban isolation and solitary commutes many people face may be making us profoundly unhappy, writes Charles Montgomery.</p>
Dec 18, 2007   The Walrus
If "demography is destiny" then the United States in the 21st Century will become larger, richer and more powerful than ever.
Oct 22, 2004   The Walrus
A Canadian municipality successfully defends its anti-billboard by-law at the Supreme Court of Canada.
Jan 22, 2004   The Walrus