Officials in the Saudi capital of Riyadh are planning to build a central rail hub with an annual passenger capacity of more than 800,000. The station is expected to be complete by 2013.
May 27, 2010   Building
The Masdar Institute of Science and Technology is the first building to be completed in this ambitious, carbon-neutral city in Abu Dhabi. Thomas Lane of Building takes a tour.
Feb 1, 2010   Building
Amanda Levete argues that the planning process in the U.K. should be taken out of the hands of government and public process and handed to a panel of qualified architects.
Jan 25, 2010   Building
Once a booming mideast Las Vegas, Dubai is struggling amid the economic downturn. As a result, bills are going unpaid. By some estimates, UK engineers and architects are owed more than $652 million. One architect breaks his silence on the issue.
Sep 2, 2009   Building
New "Lifetime Homes" standards in the U.K., which are designed to accommodate people at all stages of life, will lead away from ultra-small flats to larger apartments, says Builder Magazine.
Aug 25, 2009   Building
With nearly 20,000 retail outlets shutting down so far this year in England, the future of towns' high streets looks shaky. But some say reviving these main streets is as simple as converting empty shops into housing units.
Aug 20, 2009   Building
The group tasked with reenergizing Bermondsey Square in southeast London see their target audience as "urban safarians."
Jun 1, 2009   Building
The Saudi Arabian economy is still prospering, and development is booming. This piece looks at the Kingdom as an opportunity for developers and planners looking for work in tough times.
Apr 12, 2009   Building
The planning adviser on London Mayor Boris Johnson's staff has his eyes on the future of the city, and the architectural legacy he hopes to establish.
Feb 25, 2009   Building
Need a sustainable slogan to show your green cred? Look no further than Building Magazine's Sustainability Buzzword Generator.
Jan 23, 2009   Building
The 2012 Olympics in London -- a one month event three years away -- has already created nearly 30,000 construction jobs.
Jan 20, 2009   Building