Edmonton Journal

Five international design teams released their ideas this week for redeveloping Edmonton's City Centre Airport into a dense, energy-efficient neighborhood. Green roofs, canals, ice rinks and geothermal heating all come into play.
Feb 19, 2011   Edmonton Journal
Will airports become the "anchors of 21st century development," as Prof. John Kasarda believes? Kasarda spoke in Edmonton, Alberta, where planners are considering developing airport-adjacent greenfields into dense development.
Jun 26, 2010   Edmonton Journal
<p>A recent editorial argues that creating cities that consume less energy and emit less pollution will also help us create attractive and healthy places to live.</p>
Nov 29, 2007   Edmonton Journal
The Edmonton city council struggles with how to turn design guidelines into attractive buildings.
Feb 16, 2004   Edmonton Journal
City planners and transportation officials might call it a dream come true.
Feb 3, 2004   Edmonton Journal
Canada's cities, provinces, and federal government argue over funding.
Jan 30, 2004   Edmonton Journal
Edmonton developer has ambitious dreams to open up the central core of the city's sprawling river valley to appropriate mixed used development.
Jan 15, 2004   Edmonton Journal