San Francisco Examiner

San Francisco's Department of Environment will soon begin enforcing the city's mandatory commuter benefits program for the first time since the law's inception in 2009. Fines up to $500 may be levied for noncompliance after warning notices are sent.
Aug 10, 2014   San Francisco Examiner
<p>This editorial from the <em>San Francisco Examiner</em> discusses why the planning system is not public-friendly, and by reducing public hearing and reporting requirements, the process will be less intimidating to the public.</p>
Jan 13, 2007   San Francisco Examiner
<p>A regional planning agency in the Bay Area is including TOD as a strategy to help the Bay Area meet its AB 32 goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.</p>
Nov 29, 2006   San Francisco Examiner
<p>Running afoul of the state's 1970 landmark environmental law, the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), San Francisco's bike plan must undergo a full environmental review, ruled a superior court judge on Nov. 7.</p>
Nov 10, 2006   San Francisco Examiner
<p>The $1.4 billion, 5.1 mile Central Subway connecting the Caltrain Depot at Third and King Streets to Chinatown, is projected to be completed by 2016. Most of the funding has been secured and community meetings will start Oct. 17.</p>
Oct 15, 2006   San Francisco Examiner
Caltrain's ridership has increased since it began its express service, but several cities looking to encourage TOD development are calling for restored local service to all stations.
Jul 10, 2006   San Francisco Examiner
While congestion pricing has proven effective in London, and now Stockholm, will it work in San Francisco? City Supervisor Jake McGoldrick, who also presides over the San Francisco Transportation Authority, suggests doing a study first.
May 17, 2006   San Francisco Examiner
San Francisco's Transportation Authority director views the initial results of Stockholm's congestion pricing as a good omen for his city's plan to implement a similar program.
Mar 7, 2006   San Francisco Examiner
Planning for 2 million additional Bay Area residents in 25 years, three regional agencies will tie transportation funding to land use development to promote medium and high density housing within 1/2 mile of transit centers.
Feb 22, 2006   San Francisco Examiner
In an attempt to reduce car use and traffic congestion, the SF Planning Commission passes legislation to limit residential parking in downtown -- and ban freestanding parking garages.
Nov 20, 2005   San Francisco Examiner
While hailed by many, some question the wisdom of building an urban village on the 400-acre island in SF Bay. But more importantly, the Treasure Island Development Authority praised the plan, as did the City's powerful environmentalists.
Nov 14, 2005   San Francisco Examiner