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Residents in the Kalamazoo, MI area voted on Tuesday to maintain and expand bus service by passing a 0.75-mill tax. They can expect more frequent and late night service to be provided by the new Central County Transportation Authority.
Aug 6, 2015   Mlive.com
Flint Mayor Dayne Walling used the occasion of his recent State of the City speech to call for a $70 million “war on blight” that would include the demolition of 6,000 buildings.
Mar 5, 2014   Mlive.com
Homes in Detroit are certainly cheap, but are there jobs? Data from jobs site SimplyHired and real estate search engine Trulia says yes.
Sep 20, 2011   Mlive.com
That's the grade given by the American Society of Civil Engineers, in their 2009 Report Card on America's Infrastructure. This editorial argues argues that stimulus funding won't be enough to fix it.
Feb 14, 2009   Mlive.com
Commercial real estate developers go into detail on the impact of the financial crisis on their ability to make projects happen.
Oct 15, 2008   Mlive.com
Ann Arbor, Michigan bought a former YMCA building to serve as affordable housing. Four years later, it sits empty, a piece of the difficult housing puzzle. 'Given the environment now, it would be tough,' says one planner about the site.
Oct 14, 2008   Mlive.com
Environmentalists praise the State of Michigan for their environmental work, but at the same time, advocate for more in 2004.
Dec 31, 2003   Mlive.com