Omaha World Herald

Thirty votes were needed on May 14 to overturn Gov. Pete Ricketts veto of the six cents per gallon gas tax hike approved by the state legislature, and that's just how many Sen. Jim Smith received. South Carolina may be next.
May 18, 2015   Omaha World Herald
The new urban design review board once again deems that a publicly backed project doesn't do enough to encourage activity on the street and sends the Downtown Improvement District back to the drawing board.
Feb 27, 2010   Omaha World Herald
How the Omaha metropolitan area can prepare for the next growth wave.
Sep 10, 2004   Omaha World Herald
In recent years, the City of Omaha has made considerable progress in curbing and reversing negative trends, such as population loss and the deterioration of neighborhoods.
Sep 7, 2004   Omaha World Herald
Private industry is financing an 'Omaha By Design' effort to improve city's design standards and guidelines.
Jan 15, 2004   Omaha World Herald
Public-private effort looks to improve development standards and guidelines.
Dec 21, 2003   Omaha World Herald