Philadelphia Weekly

Philadelphia's Civic Coalition on Slots hopes not, seeking to force future casinos in the neighborhood to pay for millions of dollars worth of community improvements.
Jan 23, 2006   Philadelphia Weekly
The auto group is lobbying against a Pennsylvania program that would reduce vehicle emissions.
Jan 12, 2006   Philadelphia Weekly
Amid the city's development boom, residents and local groups in one neighborhood wrangle with developers, the city and each other.
Aug 10, 2005   Philadelphia Weekly
The Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority is making sweeping changes to city neighborhoods, but at what cost?
Feb 4, 2005   Philadelphia Weekly
New transportation bills in Pennsylvania call for a range of creative measures to encourage mass transit.
Feb 3, 2005   Philadelphia Weekly
Mayor John Street's Wireless Philadelphia initiative aims to provided high-speed Internet access across the city. Critics see a 'virtual quagmire'.
Jan 28, 2005   Philadelphia Weekly
Philadelphia's Mexican immigrant population isn't reporting rampant crime.
Jan 11, 2005   Philadelphia Weekly
Liquor stores and stop-and-go’s, also known as nuisance businesses, have slipped through a legal loophole to hurt the quality of life in Philadelphia.
Nov 14, 2003   Philadelphia Weekly