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A new study estimates there are at least 500 million off-street parking spaces in the U.S. This represents 0.5% to 12% of estimated lifecycle energy consumption and greenhouse emissions, and 24% to 81% other air pollutants.
Dec 13, 2010   Knoxville News Sentinel
<p>Kentucky and Tennessee residents who were evicted in the 1960s to make way for a nature preserve are fighting to make sure their history is accurately represented in historical markers and visitor centers at the site.</p>
Jun 25, 2008   Knoxville News Sentinel
<p>Voters in Tennessee have denied a proposal to use city funding to finance the development of a big box retail development. Many in the city say they have missed an opportunity to spur economic development in the small town.</p>
Jun 8, 2007   Knoxville News Sentinel
Plans to construct 15 large windmills atop a mountain runs into zoning conflicts in Tennessee.
Oct 31, 2003   Knoxville News Sentinel