Baltimore City Paper

Fed up with speeding cars, and a city bureaucracy seen as slow to respond to their complaints, residents and artists in Baltimore have taken it upon themselves to remedy the situation by creating their own traffic calming measures.
Dec 30, 2013   Baltimore City Paper
Although a flurry of new bills would restrict eminent domain powers, Baltimore city officials support the practice, which resulted in successful projects like the Inner Harbor.
Mar 20, 2006   Baltimore City Paper
Inner-city Baltimore rehabbers couldn't contend with the local drug market, yet they believe the city's Selling City-Owned Property Efficiently led just as much to their departure.
Mar 18, 2006   Baltimore City Paper
For over four years, longtime residents of Baltimore's Middle East neighborhood have been threatened with eviction in the name of high-tech business development.
Feb 25, 2006   Baltimore City Paper
Over 205,000 Baltimore residents don't own cars -- 32 percent of the city's population -- leaving many 'lost' and vulnerable to any Katrina-like disaster.
Feb 19, 2006   Baltimore City Paper
The alter-ego of the Inner Harbor's 'hardscape', Baltimore's nearby Middle Branch harbor is set to become a model sustainable neighborhood, complete with hiking trails and alternative energy sources, if developers' visions go according to plan.
Feb 1, 2006   Baltimore City Paper
There were 269 murders in Baltimore City in 2005, after a 1999 campaign promise by Mayor Martin O'Malley to reduce the number to 175. What do so many homicides do to a city's psyche?
Jan 20, 2006   Baltimore City Paper
A neighborhood group in Baltimore fights out-of-town developers for city contracts to rehab houses, arguing that it does a better job of meeting the community's needs.
May 11, 2005   Baltimore City Paper
A Baltimore group looks to increase neighbors' taxes in order to push them out and develop the neighborhood.
Apr 17, 2005   Baltimore City Paper
An East Baltimore neighborhood has become so violent that one activist wants federal funding for the "epidemic."
Feb 3, 2005   Baltimore City Paper
Would a city ordinance that regulates the bleak street performing scene in the City of Baltimore be an impetus for its growth and enliven the city streets? Or would it have a crippling effect?
Feb 9, 2004   Baltimore City Paper