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The tax would be a wholesale tax paid by fuel suppliers as has become more common in the last two years, not a retail tax at the gas pump. The Democratic governor's main problem may be his timing—the house flipped to Republican control.
Jan 2, 2015   Pioneer Press
The chairman of the Twin Cities' Metropolitan Council announced Monday plans to use federal stimulus money to fund the bus system rather than "shovel-ready" projects for which they were intended.
Feb 6, 2009   Pioneer Press
<p>The city of Minneapolis wants plans for the collapsed Interstate 35W to include the possible future implementation of space for light rail and bus rapid transit. The state department of transportation, however, has a differing vision.</p>
Aug 20, 2007   Pioneer Press
<p>A new book bills itself as a do-it-yourself guide for residents looking to strengthen the sense of community it their neighborhood.</p>
Jul 10, 2007   Pioneer Press
<p>Similar to a proposal being pushed by Arizona legislators, an economist in Minnesota has cautioned the state over providing too many subsidies and tax incentives to big retailers.</p>
Apr 13, 2007   Pioneer Press
Transportation issues remains a top issue with Minnesotan citizens -- so why isn't the current legislation doing anything about it?
Jun 1, 2005   Pioneer Press
Poll finds support for expanding the public transportation system.
Oct 7, 2004   Pioneer Press
Oregonians don't treat pedestrians as traffic obstacles.
Sep 25, 2004   Pioneer Press
Scientific research supports what many planners have thought true for years -- natural settings are more than "just another pretty space."
Apr 12, 2004   Pioneer Press
St. Paul is getting a $1 billion project for $75 million.
Nov 15, 2003   Pioneer Press
'Backers of a new housing development in rapidly growing St. Croix County intend to share the woods and water with wildlife through a unique effort that many hope will become commonplace.'
Oct 23, 2003   Pioneer Press