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Creative Loafing Atlanta

While the plan to transform the Bellwood Quarry into Westside Reservoir Park waits, as it has done for eight years, an Atlanta councilmember proposes locating the endangered Boisfeuillet Jones Atlanta Civic Center near the site.
Jul 29, 2014   Creative Loafing Atlanta
If signed into law, the bill would require local schools and state agencies to use fuel containing at least 2% biodiesel.
Feb 20, 2006   Creative Loafing Atlanta
Michael Mills is not what you might expect out of Wal-Mart's southern spokesman.
Feb 10, 2006   Creative Loafing Atlanta
Meier, Piano, Calatrava, oh my! A host of starchitects have descended on Hotlanta, spicing up downtown's skyline.
Jan 23, 2006   Creative Loafing Atlanta
Governor Sonny Perdue's Congestion Mitigation Task Force may give preference to highway-widening over other traffic reduction strategies.
Dec 29, 2005   Creative Loafing Atlanta
A multi-millionaire is developing what some call the first true smart growth neighborhood in the city.
Jun 25, 2005   Creative Loafing Atlanta
A new Atlanta exhibit chronicles the strange world of China’s ‘scavenger economy.’
Nov 12, 2004   Creative Loafing Atlanta
New, wealthier residents could be using a neighborhood organization to push out older residents.
Nov 11, 2004   Creative Loafing Atlanta
Georgia lawmakers have raided the state's Hazardous Waste Trust Fund, leaving 539 toxic sites untended.
Feb 6, 2004   Creative Loafing Atlanta
A ten-year plan to end homelessness in Atlanta has many optimistic, but some social workers believe it may be inherently impossible.
Feb 4, 2004   Creative Loafing Atlanta
How a mall near Charlotte, North Carolina symbolizes a continual problem of urban development.
Dec 26, 2003   Creative Loafing Atlanta