Retail Traffic

As the global recession continues to hit the global economy, shopping centers take on two distinct development patterns in developed and developing nations.
Jun 28, 2012   Retail Traffic
After being hidden in plain sight for decades, Canada now emerges as the hot spot for U.S. "international" investment.
Jun 19, 2011   Retail Traffic
Writing for <em>Retail Traffic Magazine</em>, David Lynn claims that a renewed urbanization movement in the United States will drive retailers and investors to change their strategies to fit a more urban market.
Apr 6, 2011   Retail Traffic
The eminent domain case of Kelo vs. New London is seeing new relevance in cities across the country, as empty malls are being classified by locals as blight.
Aug 18, 2010   Retail Traffic
The Mall of America's management company has unveiled an ambitious $1 billion expansion plan to double the size of the nation's largest retail destination.
Feb 26, 2005   Retail Traffic
First there were malls, then outlet malls. Then came power centers followed by lifestyle and town centers. Now there is a new type: "Hybrid centers" or "power towns"
Feb 25, 2005   Retail Traffic
This article describes the woes caused the increasing number of empty retail big boxes in our communities and presents some strategies for rehabilitation and re-use, including conversion into more profitable retail activities.
Mar 1, 2004   Retail Traffic
Watch out -- Wal-Mart will add 50 million net new square feet in 2004.
Oct 2, 2003   Retail Traffic