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The familiar tales of expensive living in U.S. cities like San Francisco, New York, and Vancouver gain a little perspective when compared to London. Or maybe London just provides a crystal ball to the future of those cities and others like them.
Jun 30, 2015   The Observer
Rowan Moore judges the return of the "huge" housing estate in the shape of the 2012 Olympics Athletes' Village in London.
Jan 12, 2012   The Observer
NASA's James Hansen takes his global warming message to England, telling them in no uncertain terms that they must stop their reliance on coal-derived electricity. He dismisses 'clean coal' and even 'carbon caps' if coal plants continue to operate.
Feb 18, 2009   The Observer
<p>Researchers in the UK are working to create a database of urban sounds -- both the good and the bad -- in an effort to help planners, designers, and architects create cities everyone wants to listen to.</p>
Sep 25, 2007   The Observer
The Alps comes to the desert in the form of the third largest indoor ski resort in the world. Ski Dubai becomes part of the Mall of the Emirates -- the largest shopping center outside of the U.S.
Nov 23, 2005   The Observer
China has hired a British engineering firm to design and build several self-sustaining cities.
Nov 7, 2005   The Observer
Challenged with easing choking levels of traffic congestion, Britain considers a nationwide highway toll system that could charge drivers as much as &#163;1.45 ($2.71 US) per mile.
Jul 18, 2004   The Observer
Transport problems will continue to strangle London's economy.
Mar 9, 2004   The Observer
Its metropolitan area now includes almost 20 million people; some politicians welcome the influx, but there is a darker side to this manic growth.
Dec 6, 2003   The Observer
Deyan Sudjic laments the popularity of "icon" architecture such as the works for Frank Gehry and Santiago Calatrava but suggests that the style is about to fade away.
Oct 30, 2003   The Observer
Complete highway standstills - over three hours in length - have British transportation officials scrambling to help.
Oct 25, 2003   The Observer