Tucson Citizen

<p>The desert city of Tucson, Arizona, recently decided to halt the expansion of its municipal water system. This decision has been taken as an oppotunity by planners to discuss the city's future growth.</p>
Dec 24, 2007   Tucson Citizen
<p>A planner's perspective on the wisdom of infill development can change when the lot next door is under construction.</p>
May 25, 2007   Tucson Citizen
<p>As middle and upper class black families increasingly move to the suburbs of Phoenix, they must cope with the loss of cultural connections that existed in historically black neighborhoods.</p>
Feb 28, 2007   Tucson Citizen
Planning School director Barbara Becker is fighting to save UA's planning program, which fuses environmental and urban planning.
Aug 18, 2003   Tucson Citizen