Style Weekly

<p>African-Americans are the majority of residents in Richmond, Virginia, but a new master planning effort has been criticized for attracting little participation from non-whites.</p>
Aug 2, 2007   Style Weekly
<p>Chesterfield County's bucolic way of life is threatened by the arrival of new suburban subdivisions, which residents challenge don't meet the test of smart growth.</p>
Jun 30, 2007   Style Weekly
<p>With tax abatement for 5 to 15 years for renovated properties, the City of Richmond, Virginia, loses $14.6 million each year in real estate taxes. Meanwhile, long-time residents are pushed out by high taxes for unrenovated houses they own or rent.</p>
Apr 12, 2007   Style Weekly
<p>The older suburbs around Richmond, Virginia -- and many other cities around the country -- can no longer count on being immune to poverty, crime and under performing schools that has long affected the urban core.</p>
Feb 8, 2007   Style Weekly
<p>Archaeologist Bill Kelso has given America new insight into 17th century Jamestown, Virginia, the first permanent English settlement in the United States, which for many decades had been thought to be washed away by the James River.</p>
Nov 2, 2006   Style Weekly
The city of Richmond, Virginia has tried everything to spark an economic revival on East Broad Street, but nothing has worked. The problem: it has refused to help the businesses already there that already call it home.
Dec 15, 2005   Style Weekly
A plan by the state of Virginia to renovate the State Capitol building, designed by Thomas Jefferson, is causing disagreement over the design.
Feb 22, 2004   Style Weekly
Outdated parking regulations in Richmond, Va. outlive changed traffic patterns.
Aug 3, 2003   Style Weekly