2009 may have been the peak year for hybrid vehicle sales as a percentage of total sales, despite the addition of 23 models available to consumers, reports CNNMoney. The current price of fuel does not justify the premium price paid for these models.
Oct 11, 2011   CNNMoney
A management consulting firm publishes a study detailing the costliest places to own and operate a car.
Sep 23, 2004   CNNMoney
A new study by the Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation reports that New York tops the nation in its tax burden.
Sep 13, 2004   CNNMoney
Once, these neighborhoods weren't so nice after dark. But things change when districts gentrify.
Sep 9, 2004   CNNMoney
Dozens of cities across America are vying to become 'the next Bilbao' in order to revitalize their shattered economies.
Aug 7, 2004   CNNMoney
Increasingly, people are paying millions for beautiful, historic homes -- and then try to demolish them.
Aug 7, 2004   CNNMoney
A team approach to improving a neighborhood while getting a good return on investment.
Jul 16, 2004   CNNMoney
The two corporations are being forced by the new guidelines to divert more money from middle-income financing to the poor. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac call the new rules "unrealistic."
Jun 20, 2004   CNNMoney
A subsidy watchdog group details how Wal-Mart has received over $1 billion in government subsidies.
May 26, 2004   CNNMoney
Despite conventional thought, prefab housing is a process more than an end-product.
Aug 19, 2003   CNNMoney
A list of 10 zip codes, in each of the eight largest metro regions in the U.S., with the biggest median 5-year housing price increases.
Jul 20, 2003   CNNMoney