2009 may have been the peak year for hybrid vehicle sales as a percentage of total sales, despite the addition of 23 models available to consumers, reports CNNMoney. The current price of fuel does not justify the premium price paid for these models.
Oct 11, 2011   CNNMoney
CNN is reporting on the budget cuts for 2011, many of which will affect America's cities, infrastructure and vulnerable populations.
Apr 12, 2011   CNNMoney
<p>A person must earn at least $28,475 a year to afford the fair market rent on a one-bedroom apartment in the U.S. in 2006.</p>
Dec 13, 2006   CNNMoney
Architectural and home tours focused on historic or neighborhood preservation or gentrifying urban areas are becoming increasingly popular.
May 30, 2006   CNNMoney
Disruption of gulf oil production due to Katrina may lead to a national "gas crisis".
Sep 1, 2005   CNNMoney
CNN Money reports on a growing backlash against the 'mansionization of America'.
Aug 19, 2005   CNNMoney
Can you imagine paying $4,595 a month in rent for an unfurnished apartment?
Jun 27, 2005   CNNMoney
Inner-ring suburbs make a comeback.
Jun 10, 2005   CNNMoney
Skyrocketing real estate prices in the U.S. could soon fall, a situation the U.K. is already facing.
May 18, 2005   CNNMoney
Study ranks 99 major real estate markets based on how much they are under or overpriced.
Feb 25, 2005   CNNMoney
Small communities in the midwest are seeking to reverse population decline by offering relocation incentives -- including free parcels of land.
Dec 24, 2004   CNNMoney