Paris, Barcelona, New York City...Cleveland? Like the oft-hidden urban oasis that are the subject of this article, you may come across some surprises in Crai S. Bower's list of the best cities for pocket parks.
Jan 21, 2013   MSN
The Bermuda Triangle tops this list of spooky places, but the compendium also includes the Pirate House of Savannah and Colorado's Stanley Hotel, the inspiration for <em>The Shining</em>.
Oct 31, 2008   MSN
<p>When it comes to reducing carbon footprints and living sustainably, urban residents perform the best.</p>
Aug 30, 2007   MSN
Critics cite many concerns--privacy, safety, accuracy, fairness--but cameras are gaining ground and cities are cashing-in on the hefty fines paid by offenders.
Sep 8, 2006   MSN
Boosterism for car-sharing runs high. Users pay less in parking and insurance and love the extra pocket change.
Sep 7, 2006   MSN
MSN identifies 15 tourist traps to avoid.
Aug 27, 2006   MSN
Yes, housing prices are sky-high, but there's no evidence of a housing bubble about to burst, writes MSN Money columnist Jim Jubak.
Jul 11, 2005   MSN
Sperling's Best Places examines 84 major cities to determine the ten most expensive places to drive.
Jun 10, 2005   MSN
GM has been trying to finance autos, homes and second mortgages at record-low interest rates, but it's hard to see how the company can continue to do so.
Mar 25, 2005   MSN
A new index shows which U.S. cities are pocketbook friendly when it comes to courtship.
Jul 2, 2004   MSN
Consumer Reports lists the safest cars.
Nov 3, 2003   MSN