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<p>By nearly any measure, the Los Angeles neighborhood of Hollywood has been radically transformed in the last 10 years, becoming a bar-hopper’s dream, a gourmet’s destination, and a rising shopping and housing district.</p>
Apr 10, 2008   The Slatin Report
An investor from Los Angeles grabs Atlanta's tallest tower for its biggest price.
Jul 26, 2006   The Slatin Report
Honda North America put the town of Greensburg, Indiana on the map last week when it decided to build its sixth auto assembly plant there, representing an investment of about $550 million.
Jul 5, 2006   The Slatin Report
Domino's Pizza magnate Tom Monaghan is betting on his New Urbanist vision of a faith-based community outside of Naples, Florida.
Jun 23, 2006   The Slatin Report
Apple is set to open its 24x7 flagship store at Fifth Avenue and 59th Street in Manhattan.
May 19, 2006   The Slatin Report
Frank Gehry makes like an urbanist in his new plans for Related's high profile, $1.8 billion, nine-acre, Grand Avenue project in downtown Los Angeles. Could LA become an architectural mecca?
May 5, 2006   The Slatin Report
A hotly-disputed, prime piece of land at Playa Vista brings a prime price.
Apr 30, 2006   The Slatin Report
The government's plans to move Ground Zero forward are a big step back in time, writes Peter Slatin.
Apr 24, 2006   The Slatin Report
For the St. Joe Co., Panama City, Florida's proposed new airport is about transit-oriented development -- in a big way.
Mar 30, 2006   The Slatin Report
The jewels in a new proposal for San Francisco's Treasure Island remain hidden, writes urban design critic Morris Newman.
Mar 23, 2006   The Slatin Report
The planning pundits can agree on some ideas, but have both failed to address a key point, writes C. Kenneth Orski.
Mar 23, 2006   The Slatin Report